Poljot - Skeleton

Best value for cost in entire collection

The craftsmanship that went into making the chronograph is incredible, and considering what I paid for it, is by far the best value when compared with all the other pieces in my collection. You really have to examine these watches in person to fully appreciate the workmanship - what a wonderful chronograph!

When you think about all of the carvings, not the least of which is the tricky workarounds on the dial, you can't help but wonder how many man hours go into a the creation of just one single piece.

Modified gold MakTime base movement

The base movement is made by MakTime, however, other than the fact that it came with the standard Poljot/1MWF booklet, it is unclear to me who is responsible for the beautiful handiwork.

You have to look at different angles to notice all of the various designs in the plating, and even then some are covered up by the levers.

Movement carvings

All "Skeleton" chronographs are one of a kind because the hand carved designs are never replicated the same from one piece to another.

Russian through and through

The Basilika casing is plated with gold to ten microns, and a half-dozen or so gems are embedded into the movement plating. Very classy, yet not too flashy.

Display case back

The only negative nitpick I have, other than the cheap strap, is that the display case back window is not large enough to fully view all of the designs on the movement.