Pilot AChC-B

Bullhead board-chronograph

A very unique cal. 3133 chronograph by PILOT, a legitimate brand of watches owned by Juri Levenberg and distributed worldwide via his online internet shop and other cooperative dealers.

The inspiration for the watch is the AChC-1M board clock produced at the Chelyabinsk watch factory that was utilized in the Soviet/Russian MI-9 military helicopter and MiG-29 fighter plane.

The watch is very solid and features sapphire glass and a rotating inner-bezel that has enough friction to ensure it remains in position once set. The movement is a new MakTime cal. 3133.

There are 10 variations of the chronograph, with black or sandblasted cases, and many are still available for purchase today (July 31, 2013).


Probably the coolest feature of them all is the 12mm crown with the PILOT logo stamp. Integrated into the logo are the initials "JL", which of course stands for Juri Levenberg.

Case back

Another cool feature of this chronograph is the case back markings, which are similar to those found on some of the early German fliegeruhrs, but of course with the Cyrillic lettering instead.

Professional marketing

Juri Levenberg has been selling Russian chronoraphs at his online shop since 1999, and one of reasons he has been so successful is the very professional marketing of his product.