Zeppelin - 100 Years

Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH commemorative

This, one of the finest watch designs ever to grace a cal. 3133 movement, commemorates the 100 plus years since the initial founding of the airship company, in 1908, by Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin.

In my opinion, all of the components blend together perfectly without the high-contrast of a purely white dial background. The contrast is reserved for the back of the watch where the gilded movement with blued bolts is viewable through the sapphire-crystal display back--I love it!!

I guess if I had to pick apart something it would be workmanship on the bracelet, which had solder running through some of the links near the spring bar housing, that I had to remove as best as I could - not something I had anticipated after paying a premium for the model with this bracelet.

Also available with a black dial, this piece in new condition was a definite must have for my collection, and is disappearing quickly from retailers shelves worldwide (Nov, 2013). I hope to add more new pieces with the gilded movement, however at a retail price exceeding $800US, it may take some time... which as stated I don't have. :-))

Beautiful MakTime cal. 3133

I think the image speaks for itself...

MakTime did a great job in manufacturing these movements in sufficient numbers to supply many of the PoinTec designed chronographs assembled in Germany, and they should be commended for that.

Zeppelin Airship

Although beyond the scope of this little blurb, the history of the initial Zeppelin company began in 1908 and remained in business until the end of World War II. Almost half a century later, the company was resurrected as Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH and continues to build hellium-filled airships to this day - including the new Goodyear NT blimps!