Volmax Sturmanskie Gagarin

Golden Jubilee - 50th Anniversary Edition

Although not as high-tech in design as the Hi-Tech, the 50th Anniversary Gagarin is a must have for collectors simply because it's... the Golden Jubilee edition! Even more so if you already own the 40th anniversary Gagarin chronograph. Unfortunately, the 60th anniversary model will not be available with the cal. 3133, unless of course, some bright minded employee at Volmax thought to stash away a few hundred movements for future considerations. Lets hope so!

If I wanted to nit-pick something(s) about this watch it would be the printing quality of the earth disk... check the high-res version of the image for the low-res details. Also, the original etched case back from the 40th anniversary model looks much better.

Case back

(un)Limited edition(s) number 3(1)33!

"Look what landed in my backyard" collage