Volmax(?) 1MWF

Kirovskie chronograph homage

A "Kirovskie", in watch terminology, would mean a piece manufactured at the "Kirov" 1st (State) Moscow Watch Factory. It's seems probable to me that this homage to an earlier chronograph produced at the 1MWF, was at least assembled at the 1MWF. The movement in this particular watch was produced by MakTime in Moscow, but many similar 40mm models have been fitted with NOS movements that were manufactured at the 1MWF, which leads me to believe they were assemble were these old movement parts would most likely be available. However, since no one from the factory communicates with the watch enthusiast in the west, it's difficult to say for sure. Ruscamera, the retailer, claims they are produced by Volmax at the 1MWF.

The watch itself is a real beauty, with a close resemblance to the original, but with the "23 Jewels" hallmark on the dial; as was the case with most Poljot produced cal. 3133 chronographs. The matte case and lack of date window make this a very unique cal. 3133 based chronograph, and I hope to purchase another similar model before they're all sold out! The fit and finish is also of very good quality!

Case backs

An additional display case back accompanied a solid "1MWF" stamped case back on this model, with both featuring stamped Cyrillic script.

Upon arrival, I was surprised to see the watch fitted with a new MakTime produced movement. Most of the sellers images feature the NOS Poljot movements.

Bluetooth enabled?

Apparently, this chronograph also communicates with your smartphone!!

...just don't quote me on that one. ;-)

Lost art of parcel packaging

Ruscamera also gets bonus points for their parcel packaging etiquette.