Volmax Okeah FE

HdR(Spanish watch forum)-P.Maier-Volmax collaboration

There was much excitement surrounding the production of this chronograph, and with a supposed limited production of only 300 pieces and limited supplies of the cal.3133 remaining, it seemed the perfect chronograph for just about anyone interested in owning a cal. 3133.

The fact that this was a Russian limited numbers, single edition, chronograph should have set off alarm bells immediately, as we all know what a "load of hooey" that has been in the past. But as production of the cal. 3133 had already ceased, it seemed a perfect opportunity to get things right and end with a small pinch of credibility... as would have been the case with any other major watch manufacturer in the world.

But no... as always, greed comes before credibility and more pieces are produced to feed the known demand. Sellers have made a quick buck selling to all who had missed out, and collectors have chosen to purchase, so I guess we get what we deserve...

It should be noted that HdR and P.Maier had nothing to do with furthering production, and whether or not Volmax was involved is unknown to me, as many of the watches components have been used on past models produced by MakTime...

Components original to the first edition

The box! ;-))

And a wonderful box it is. All first edition originals came with one.

I replaced the original blue strap with a Hirsch.

Case back

Great job on the stamped case back.

MakTime late-model cal. 3133