Poljot Strela

Last of the Poljot assembled Strelas

This wonderful piece was purchased from P.Maier back in late-2011. It was one of only a few pieces Irina was able to obtain that were assembled at Poljot, and therefore would be one of the very last "Poljot" Strelas. Of course, assembly and regulation by Volmax may be the only procedures carried out at the factory, as the movement is from MakTime and the rest of the components no doubt produced outside of Russia. Nevertheless, it's a very nice chronograph and I'm very pleased to have had the opportunity to purchase it.

P.Maier is the main distributor of Volmax watches in Germany, and also caters to clients, such as myself, in other countries worldwide. Their service is second to none, with quick response times in regards to inquiries, reasonable pricing, and in-house warranty work. Over the years, Irina Maier has been especially helpful, not only to me, but to the entire Russian watch collecting community in General, and I thank her for that.

Limited Edition Number 000/000

A very unique limited edition number, and unlike many other limited edition numbers on specific cal. 3133 models... it's will probably never be duplicated!

MakTime movement

Serial number: 14468

Poljot Strela ca. 1960s

An original Poljot Strela cal. 3017 from my collection.