Volmax SS-20

Orange w/silver chrono-eyes version

Another model in the collection of three SS-20 titanium chronographs sporting the orange accents, and silver coloured chrono-eyes. All versions, in my opinion, are exceptional, but after much deliberation I choose the version with the red accents over this and the blue model when I made my initial purchase some years ago. Recently (late-2014), I was lucky enough to pick up this model in new-old-stock condition, and I'm hopeful of one day landing a blue model to complete the collection.

Limited edition number 689

Upside-down, or right-side-up, it's all the same!

MakTime movement number 47500

There are not too many original edition Volmax chronographs still availble in NOS condition (Jan. 2015).

Volmax SS-20 poster

Looks good... I'll need to pick up a dark brown Hirsch Liberty for mine too!