Poljot International Red October

The hunt is over

After miscalculating the continued availability of these chronographs some years ago, I was finally able to locate and purchase a new old stock piece in the later-half of 2014. As you can see, the watch design is very unique to Poljot (International), with Vostok-like number font, large chunky casing, and unidirectional rotating bezel, it certainly sets itself apart from all other contemporary models. In fact, there are standard models of this watch fitted with a Vostok 2416B autonmatic movement, which, although more readily available for purchase, are equally as nice as the chornographs.

There are three different dial faces for the cal. 3133, and Vostok models, in red, black, and yellow. All models feature a cool seconds/chrono-seconds hand with an anchour on the tail, screw down crown for increased water resitance, and a diver-style bezel fitted to a Vostok Amphibian-style tonneau case. Awesome!

Outstanding case back design!

This is certainly one of the better case back designs in my collection. It is great to see this movement fitted to such a high quality watch, and now that sellers of the old plated watches have priced me out of that market, I am happy to pay a little more for a stainless steel piece.

Suprise under the hood

No gilding or Geneva striping necessary, this movement looks great with just the blued bolts - and metal, rather than plastic, spacer to boot!

Even the crown is exceptional

Lots of small detail in the (screwed down) crown face - something lacking on the vast majority of Russian produced watches.

Red October book cover