Poljot International Baikal

Top Seller

If I had to start my cal. 3133 collection all over again, I could see myself focusing a little more on these wonderful pieces from Poljot International than I have in the past. It's worth paying a premium for pieces with, amongst other things, such an intricate dial pattern and beautiful casing.

This particular model, name after the biggest fresh water lake in the world, made it's debut in 2004.

Poljot mid-nineties movement

This would be a very rare movement for this particular watch because it dates back a few years prior to the release of the watch. This mid-nineties Poljot movement features the old-style date ring and golden chronograph wheels, and has been decorated with blue bolts.

At the time this watch was produced, Poljot International may have been purchasing some old stock from the Poljot factory before switching to purchase from MakTime. Pure speculation on my part, but there has to be some reason for it.

Anyway, I'm just glad to have the gold-coloured running wheels and thinner date ring font on this very unique movement.