Volmax Buran

Mid-2000s Basilika Moonphase cal. 31679

The Lunar or Moonphase chronograph in the Basilika case seems to have first appeared in the early-2000s as part of the "Silver Age" collection by Poljot-Elite. Shortly thereafter they became a mainstay of the Volmax Buran branded line of chronographs and many are still available to this day (Mar. 2014) from some of the retailers.

In 2007 Volmax moved it's Buran branded line of watches to Switzerland where it produces some exceptionally well made and beautiful chronographs - many in a very similar style as the Russian made pieces - using the Swiss ETA 7750/51 collection of movements.

Classy etui

Everything about the Buran line of chronographs is a step above what you normally would see from the Aviator/Sturmanskie branded chronographs.

Poljot produced cal. 31679 movement

The chronograph and movement are in "as new" condition. It features sapphire glass and and a gold-plated stainless steel case and minimal resistance to water. This early edition of the chronograph was limited to 300 pieces, while other editions are limited to 999 pieces - whether 999 were ever produced is anyone's guess.

Buran packaging