Volmax OKEAH

First OKEAN in new-style case

The 2006 model Okean was limited to 300 pieces or less due changes made to include the brand name "Sturmanskie" on the dial face. At this point in time other Russian watch dealers were selling Okeans identical the the Volmax product, resulting in the Volmax brand being added for (limited?) legal protection. As far as I know Volmax was not capable of producing watch cases, hand sets, or dials, and therefore the potential existed for components to be obtained from the source manufacturer to produce replicas.

Other than the casing, this OKEAH is identical to the earlier model (ca 2004). It is my understanding that all the Volmax Okeans had black small seconds and chrono-minute hands. This model also features a rubber strap.

Last of the Poljot produced cal. 3133 stock

Beyond this point the movements would be produced by MakTIme and stamped with the companies logo in place of the Poljot crown on the main plate.

Wrist shot