Poljot/Moscow Classic Flugkapitaen

Late-nineties version

Back in the early-2000s Poljot featured a line of watches sub-branded "Aviator". This line featured many German-WWII-Laco-style avaitor watch renditions of which a few are displayed below.

This particular model, the "Flugkapitaen", sometime referred to as "Aerowave", was produced at some point after the final Poljot catalogues were released, and then further into the MakTIme-era and is now marketed by Moscow Classic. The watch displayed here was purchased new, and was produced in the late-2000s with mid-production case back and MakTime produced movement.

German script w/ U.S. Lockheed P38 "Lightning"

Not sure if Poljot or Poland's Moscow Classic were responsible for this, but it's a really odd combination. Obviously, it was meant solely for the German market, so why feature an World War II enemy aircraft?

The original Poljot "Flugkapitaens" had a display case back without limited edition numbers. Later, Moscow Classic would remove the "Poljot" branding on the case back and replace it with there own; presumably to avoid a law suit by the current owner of the "Poljot" brand name, and to continue sales in Germany.

MakTime-era movement

Clean as a whistle!

Poljot Aviators

Some Poljot "Aviator" watches from my collection.

Aviator chronographs

Poljot/Moscow Classic Flugkapitaen, Poljot/MakTime Aviator I, & Volmax Aviator II