Volmax SS-20

Second generation missile chronograph

The completely new version of the Poljot titanium SS-missiles chronograph by Volmax. I bought two. One for my collection, and one as a gift to my son upon graduating high-school. I refuse to wear mine for fear of scratching the case, but I'm content to see it as a regular fixture on my son's wrist. It's a great conversation piece, as today's educated young harbour no ill-will towards Russia and it's former Soviet ties.

Unfortunately, but not too surprisingly, the casing was not constructed from recycled titanium from decommissioned SS-20 missiles. In an interview with well known Soviet/Russian timepiece collector Mark Gordon, Valentin Volodko, president of Volmax, stated that the titanium used to create the cases was merely of industrial-grade stock.

All around great design

In design, the entire watch is an improvement over the original.

Things that make you go hmmm...

Yet another "Last of the Poljot produced cal. 3133 stock". Actually, even older, because "Made in Russia" is stamped on the balance bridge and minor signs of oxidization on the regulator arm.

Originally purchased from P.Maier, this movement must have been sitting in stock at Poljot for a few years before being utilized by Volmax. It looks a little dull compared with most of the newer MakTimes movements we see on these pages. My son has a MakTime produced movement in his SS-20.

Volmax SS-20 poster

You have to give Volmax credit for doing a superior job at marketing Russian designed/produced chronographs.