Poljot/Maktime Aviator I

The infamous Fortis-like aviator chronograph

When you tell people they can't have a Poljot Aviator I, guess what they want more than anything? A Poljot Aviator I, of course! :-))

Almost everyone interested in a brand new, Russian made, budget, military-style chronograph is drawn to the Aviator I. It's just an awesome watch. And being that it is banned for resale in Germany, and Switzerland, makes it all the more desirable for many.

Back in late-1990s, Poljot produced a chronograph identical to this one but branded "Fortis". Soon afterwards the "Fortis" branding was replaced with "Poljot" branding, in Cyrillic script, and the watches were exported to Germany for resale. Although the chronographs did differ greatly, the German importer described the watch as Fortis-like, and that was grounds for an ensuing Fortis lawsuit that lead to the Aviator I being banned for sale in Germany and Switzerland.

However, buyers outside off Germany could still purchase a brand new Aviator I from a retailer inside of Germany, and this is exactly what I was able to do with this particular piece. And who was the German retailer? It was non other than Julian Kampmann, the go-to seller for the Aviator I and numerous other cal. 3133 chronographs.

Mr. Kampmann is universally loved in the Russian watch community. With his friendly demeanour, and excellent customer service, watch enthusiasts worldwide gravitated towards his Poljot24.com shop after reading the recommendations forwarded by his legions of satisfied customers on the watch forums. I too would highly-recommend Julian Kampmann as an excellent, trouble free, source for anyone wanting to purchase a Russian watch!

Click on the following link to Show your Poljot/MakTime cal. 3133 Aviator I

Poljot Crown

Although purchased in Feb. 2011, Mr. Kampmann was kind enough to replace the watch's crown with this one with a "Pojot crown" stamped on the head.

With the orange chrono-seconds hand, this model resembles the original Fortis flieger more closely than the original Poljot with the red hands.

Detailed etched case back

One of the nicer Aviator I case backs.

MakTime produced cal. 3133