Volmax Aviator II

Late-version w/sapphire glass

In my opinion the best of the Volmax Aviator line-up is this model, the Aviator II. The Aviator I was a Poljot branded watch, and the successors (Av III etc.) have a cheap plastic inner bezel fastened to the dial with plastic lugs.

The original model had a dagger shaped chrono-seconds hand with luminous, as does the rest of the hands in the set, and mineral, not sapphire, glass. Other versions of this watch were sold with a red chrono-seconds hand similar to that of the Poljot Aviator I.

This particular watch was purchased at P. Maier GmbH, and is still available from the company today (Jan. 2014) for the price of 499,00 EUR.

Case back
MakTIme cal. 31681
Flight Airlines Stewardess

The photographer must be wearing a Volmax Aviator II !