Moscow Classic Aeronavigator

Massive 47mm chronograph

In my opinion, one of the best designs from Moscow Classic despite the larger size. The watch is very solid with a great wrist presence that definitely gives you the feeling that you got your money's worth.

Although based in Poland, Moscow Classic designed chronographs, for the most part, have a Russian theme to them. This particular dial has an image of - what I'm guessing is - a Soviet WWII-era bomber. It is, however, impossible to tell which one because not all elements match any one particular aircraft, which is too bad because in my opinion a more exact depiction would have added to desirability of the watch. It also features a metric decimalized-time sub-dial and a mix of Cyrillic and Latin script that claims "Made in Russia".

Case back

Although some of the aircraft are questionable, the quality of the Moscow Classic case backs are better than most.

The box is also one of, if not the, best quality accessories I have ever had accompany a cal. 3133 chronograph.

MakTime movement

A nice, clean, MakTime produced cal. 3133 w/ plastic spacer insert.

The aftermarket DiModel strap looks great, but being 2mm too wide it's a little snug betweeen the lugs.