Kirovskie homage - late-1930s

The overall design of this chronograph dates back to the early-2000s, with initial pieces branded Poljot, then Aviator (Wright Brothers), and finally 1MWF (initially produced by Volmax?) as we see here. Only minor changes to the casing are visible today, with the "No 100" (presumably related to the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, in 1903), still inscribed on the bow hinge. Of course, more often than not it is advertised as the limited edition number on a single piece. Overall a very nice chronograph, despite not having any luminance.

These chronographs are still available to this day via Juri Levenberg's Poljot Uhren eBay store, as well as Julian Kampmann's, and all the other online retailers that sell the PILOT brand chronographs. I haven't seen these models available from online dealers in Moscow, therefore it's difficult to say who is responsible for production. All seem to be fitted with older, Poljot, manufactured movements.

Case back

A very detailed hinged case back stamped the Cyrillic script "Russian Chronograph", the acronym for the "People's Commissariat of Heavy Industry of the USSR", and "1st Kirov Moscow Watch Factory".

New late-model Poljot cal. 3131 movement

Very nice!

Older Poljot/Aviator models in this casing