Moscow Classic Supermarine Spitfire

WWII Lend-Lease Spitfire Homage?

Probably more of an in general homage, but do to the fact that over 1,000 units of the Mark IX variant were loaned to the Soviets, of over 5,000 produced, I guess it could be whatever you want it to be.

One thing I really like about my Moscow Classic chronographs is the easy to read numbers and luminance that really stand out in the dark. It's also cool how they managed the tiny portion of the 3 and 9 numerals.

Case back

Another very detailed Moscow Classic case back!

Poljot cal. 31681 movement

The seems to have been a number of these left in stock during the post-Poljot era.

Supermarine Spitfire Vb

Delivered in the standard RAF paint scheme and complete with red stars, the Soviets would add their own identification numbers, guards emblem in this case, and after being shot at by their own anti-aircraft gunners... large arrows on the fuselage.