Poljot-Chronos - President of Russia

Late-model n Basilika casing

The basic version of President of Russia with a light gold-plating is the quintessential Russian chronograph. This is probably the most common version of the President chronograph, but with Roman numerals replacing bar indices from the earlier versions. Many version of this watch have been created over the years, some with the signatures of the three past and present Russian presidents on the dial, and are still for sale in Moscow to this day (Nov. 2013). Of course, if you get the one with the signature on the dial, there'll be no convincing anyone that you actually are The President of Russia! ;-)

The Basilika case is in three parts, similar to the Strela chronographs, with a detachable bezel and snap on case back. This is one watch you probably want to purchase brand new, so there is no need to pop open the case back and bezel for servicing and potentially damage the plating--what would the President say!

Mother of Pearl dial

Many of the new-style "President of Russia" dials have this feature.

Etched case back with medallion

Russian coat of arms medallion and script "From The President of Russia".

From the 2002 catalogue

At this point in time, Vladimir Putin is only the second President of Russia, having served two years since the unexpected resignation of Boris Yeltsin. Later, Dmitry Medvedev would serve as only the third President between 2008 and 2012.

All former Presidents have their own version of this chronograph complete with signatures and in some cases a bas-relief medallion of their face in place of the coat of arms.