Poljot Aviator I

White (luminance) version w/ steel bracelet

This is one of the original Poljot pieces that have been produced since 1999. Initially a take-off on the Fortis 7750 (Valjoux) flieger, the fake "FORTIS" logo was removed after a short period of time and replaced with the Poljot logo. More details are available in the "2010-present" section under the "Aviator I" tab.

A few NOS pieces of this particular model became available in the U.K. (Nov. 2013) and I was more than happy to purchase one for my collection. Although thousands, with minor variations to the various editions, were produced, not too many survive in mint condition because everyone loves to were them... and rightly so! :-)

This hand set was one of many, all with slight variations, available throughout the years. There is also a rare blue coloured version of this exact hand set that is also fitted to the white (luminance) version of the watch.

Click on the following link to Show your Poljot/MakTime cal. 3133 Aviator I

Standard Poljot case back

The higest produced (un)limited edition(s) numbered to 7500, with numerous other editions of varying total production. Given the numbers, I would guess that this was the most popular cal. 3133 chronograph of the 2000s.

Early-2000s cal. 3133 movement

By the time this watch hit the market, all running gears are coloured yellow.

Fortis/Poljot comparison

Given that the first model was branded "FORTIS", the intent to emulate the Valjoux chronograph is quite obvious, and that is too bad since the cal. 3133 and cal. 7750 are obviously not the same, and the watches are only similar in a general way. However, without the notoriety, it's questionable whether or not this model would have been as successful as it was.