Poljot Ruslan

Sought after with some flaws

This chronograph belongs to the "Albatros" line and features a look very similar to that of the Breitling Navtimer, and for this reason alone many either love them or hate them. But there are other issues as well, such as a slide rule printed on a none-rotating bezel, and models, such as this one, with no inner scale(s) for making calculations even if the bezel did rotate. And it's too bad, because these could have been really awesome watches had the bezel rotated or a tachymeter scale been used instead.

However, despite the flaws, they are hansome watches that have remained on sale now for over a decade. A few years after the Albatros line was released the very popular "Blue Angels" line of chornographs was also produced. These would prove to be the most popular watches of all in this collection.

Case back

The unlegible number is 269/1000.

Miss Russia and Miss Universe 2002

Hey, where's your 2002 Poljot chronograph?