Poljot Military

Military series Pilots' chronograph

In my opinion, this watch is about as good a Pilots' chronograph as had ever been created by Poljot. All of the key ingredients, such as low-glare satin finish, easy to read numerals and hands, and even an attempt to increase water resistance, are present, and to top it all off the watch has one of the better looking overall designs from the 2002 "Military" series.

However, although great for Pilots, sooner or later the satin-finish will get a few scratches in it that are, for obvious reasons, impossible to buff out - so be careful if you intend to keep as a collectors' item!

Case back

Standard Poljot case back from the early-2000s.

Early-2000s Poljot cal. 3133

Another 1MWF beauty. All Poljot chronographs from early-2000s will have "MADE IN RUSSIA" stamped on the chronograph bridge.

Poljot Crown

If you are looking for an original Poljot chronograph from the early-2000s, make sure to check for the crown/logo stamp on crown of the watch. Many of the models produced at 1MWF after the demise of Poljot do not have this feature.

Screw down crown

Although only a limited increase in water resistance was obtained, Poljot brand chronographs with screw down crowns are very rare. You should avoid dunking any Poljot chronograph directly into water, as resistance to rain drops is about all one can hope for...