Poljot International Kirovskie

Early single-pusher chronograph homage - cal. 31670

This Poljot Internation model is a replica of one of the early single-pusher chronograph produced by the 1st State Watch Factory Kirov from the late-1930s to some point in the early-1940s. Presumably, in order to represent the physical design of the original more closely, a variant of the cal. 3133, with a 24 hour function in place of the entire stop-watch function, was used instead. The 24 hour hand is positioned where the minute counter is normally on the cal 3133.

The watch is currently sold out with no remaining movements available, making it a wonderful addition to any watch collection. Production was 2000 pieces for both the black and white version of the dial.

P.I. decorated cal. 31670

First produced for Poljot branded watches in the early-to-mid-1990s, production apparently cease in 1996 with seemingly all reamining mechanisms being utilized by Poljot International. Curiosly, I have seen some models with movements are not decorated. If the watches, bar the movement decorations by Poljot International, were produced at the 1MWF, it could be that a few extra pieces were created there with leftover available parts.

Poljot International Onion Dome

The P.I. logo is stamped onto the crown of the watch and strap buckle.

An original 1940s "Kirovskie" chornograph