Poljot International - Sturmanskie Night Hawk

Air Force series titanium chronograph

Although not appearing in the 2000 catalogue with similar "Air Force" series titanium chronographs, this piece is surely a continuation of the series with a unique hand set and black Sturmanskie-style dial. This Poljot International model may well have preceded the similar Poljot/Volmax Sturmanskie reissues of Sturmanskies with black as the base colour on the dials. As far as I know, those Poljot/Volmax reissues (Alpha, Military, Okean and Sturmanskie) were produced ca. 2003.

Later versions of this would only feature a titanium case back, which makes one wonder whether they were actually authorized by Poljot International in Germany. Reproductions of Poljot International watches have happened in the past, but I believe only from the original sources back in Moscow.

Case back

Very simple design for the case back, but I like it.

Early-2000s Poljot cal. 3133

Seeing the light of day for the very first time since production.

Poljot International extras

Everything about Poljot International watches is done first class, and well worth the extra dollars for the upgraded boxes, straps and overall quality in design and workmanship that goes into them.

Warranty booklet

I believe the watch was produced somewhere in the 2001-03 window-in-time, and then sold in Feb, 2004, in the U.K as stated in the booklet.