Poljot Europa 2000

Titanium case with unidirectional rotating bezel

This very unique chronograph designed by the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia, commemorates the 1992 Treaty on European Union and all it's member states. The treaty would eventually led to the creation of a single European currency, the Euro.

This truly is a very well designed chronograph that looks great on the wrist! The workmanship on the bezel is really well done with lots of detail and a distinct clicking sound when turned. This would also be one of the last original Poljot branded chronographs to sport the old eighties-style chrono-seconds hand, as well as the 1990s-style date ring font. The black leather strap is a perfect match for the watch and features a matching titanium buckle.

Beautifully etched case back

Phew! They were almost sold out...