Poljot Buran

Distributed by Poljot V GmbH

This model is a more modern looking addition to the earlier model Buran with the cathedral hands. Although very similar, It would only be produced for a few short years in the mid-nineties, whereas the earlier model is still available, in some form or another, to this day.

This watch was produced in 1993 and obviously sold a year or two later as it has a good quality "Poljot International" strap.

Pojlot V certificate

In 1992, former housing engineer and manager Alexander Shorokhov was hired by the First Moscow Watch Factory to set up a distribution network for Poljot watches in western Europe. The company he founded was called "Poljot V GmbH" and was located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The dealer network he setup throughout Germany would grow to over 100 outlets in the first year, and for the first time Poljot watches were on display at an international watch exhibition, INHORGENTA, in Munich. With relatively cheap pricing, Poljot V became a great success.

A few years later, when the German market became infested with black market Poljots due to slumping sales in the free market environment, Alexander Shorokhov would go on to found "Poljot International" and create a whole new line of higher-end watches.

Poljot buckle

Kahl on Main is a small village outside of Frankfurt, Germany.