Poljot Imperator of Russia

Tsar Nicholas II

This watch commemorates the life of Emperor (Tsar) Nicholas "Romanov" II of Russia, who ruled "all of the Russias" between 1894 and 1917.

At the 12 o'clock position, under the crown, is the royal monogram of Nicholas II. Below that is the "1868-Nicholas II-1918" reference to his life span. Above the date window is the "125 Years" reference to the anniversary of his birth. Around the impressive enamel bezel reads "Russian Imperator".

Coat of arms of the Russian Empire

The case back reads "First Moscow Watch Factory" - "Made In Russia".

Nicholas II, in a nutshell...

Although overwhelmingly regarded by historians as completely incompetent at running state affairs, Nicholas II was also regarded as a good person in general with undeniable charm, love of family, religious faith, and patriotism. After suggesting and promoting the Hague peace conference of 1899, Nicholas II was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. He also oversaw the completion of the Trans-Siberian Railway.

The Romanov dynasty began to unravel during the First World War when severe shortages in supplies caused an uprising against the regime. The revolution would eventually gain the support of numerous military regiments and at that point Nicholas II chose to abdicate. Months later, after the Bolsheviks seized power, Civil war would break out and Nichols and his family were transferred to the city of Yekaterinburg east of the Ural mountains. As anti-Bolshevik "White" army forces approached the city, the order was given to assassinate Nicholas and his entire family for fear they might be liberated.