Poljot Dress Chronograph

Gilded bi-colour casing

This stunning bi-colour chronograph is the very first Poljot brand cal. 3133 to feature push-button sleeves for the chronograph buttons. The dial design was also new at the time, as many very classy looking Poljot dress watches were designed at this point in time.

This particular watch also has the distinction of being the very first cal. 3133 chronograph that I had purchased back in the later-half of the 2000s.

Upon arrival, the watch was in like-new condition, but I just had to inspect the movement when it arrived. This, of course, turned out to be my first lesson in how difficult these chronographs can be to work on, as the case back was nearly impossible to press back on! And as it turns out, with now over one hundred cal. 3133 chronographs in my collection, this chronograph's case back still has the dubious honour of being most difficult to press back on...

New case back style on this classy new model

The case reads "Poljot Chronograph, Water-resistant, Stainless Steel Back, Made in Russia".