Poljot SS-18

First all-titanium 3133 casing

Whether or not it was truly constructed from recycled decommissioned missile titanium, as the stamped casing infers, is a mystery that only the original designers and purchasing personnel at Poljot can answer. Nevertheless, in my opinion, the original SS-18 is one of, if not the best Poljot collector chronographs of them all. It has a very unique and rugged look that catches the eye and makes for a great conversation piece! Plus, the solid and light-weight titanium makes for an easy wear.

Surprisingly, you can still pick these up at e-auctions for relatively cheap when compared to the outrageously priced military-issue Okeans.

"As new" when compared with ca. 2007 Volmax SS-20
Original ca. 1993 Poljot strap/buckle
Two of my favourite cal. 3133 chronographs