Poljot MiGs

MiG 31

There are no shortages of MiG 29/31 for sale even more than twenty years after initial batches were produced. Most were produced for the Germany market, and this is where the vast majority of my collection was obtained.

This model is very striking with a deep-blue dial with gold-trim around the chono-eyes. It also features the infamous double-tachymeter scales on the dial and casing. There seems to have been a general apathy about mis-matching cases and dials at Poljot, with aesthetics being the priority over functionality.

MiGs to the rescue

A pair of MiGs purchased from a seller located somewhere in the Black Forest of Germany. (The Germans will sometimes send greetings from there home region in a message.) It was time to reduce the collection and lucky for me the "Russians" were the first to go.

Yep, another MiG

Here we have a much beter than average dial design for a "stylish" MiG chrono. :-))

MiG-31 Foxhound