Poljot Civil

Early civilian-style

As crazy as it may seem, after collecting these chronographs for years now I have yet to find an original passport, quality control paper, or any type of certificte linking an early-model cal. 3133 to a production or sales date (predating 1983). Every chronograph that has emerged from that 8-year window-in-time is missing it's original paperwork. This one is no exception, and even though the movement stamps offer a few clues, it's not enough to create a definitive production timeline.

Early production calibre 3133 movement

The stamps on the cal. 3133 chronograph-bridges, four different (crown) stamps in my collection, plus a seemingly random 180 degree rotation of the serial number stamp on different production batches, confuse matters even further. Of course, the opposite would be the case if we had some corresponding paperwork.