Poljot Civil

Early civilian-style

This was an interesting purchase I made in 2014 based on little to no information other than a single image.

Being that the watch had an old-style bezel w/red number font, I had hoped that the movement would be older than it turned out to be. Of course, this was a bit puzzling because otherwise the watch had what looks to have original components including one of the oldest Latin "Poljot" dials that I have seen (with the white cast/film on the underside). Previously, I had not seen this model dial paired with a bezel w/red number font, therefore it could that these Latin dial were in production a few years earlier that I had initially believed.

As you can see, the dial on this watch has an incredible patina glow to it that when matched with a nos case and crystal looks better than some of the unblemished older dials in my collection!

Early movement w/4-digit serial

The older bezel and dial matched with a movement that was a few years older, made this watch a perfect candidate for a replacement movement that I had restored, as I believe this movement to be the sucessor to the 5-digit serial movement(s) and predecessor to all 4-digit serial numbered movement; all with the Poljot crown stamped on the chronograph-bridge.

The reason being is because the "1" in the "3133" on this and other older movements has a longer diagonal bar at the top. As you can see in this section (1976-1980), all of the watches beyond this tab have a "1" in the "3133" with a diagonal bar protruding down to the left from the top, but the bar is much shorter (when compared to this and earlier movements). Therefore, this movement, with 4-digit serial and long diagonal bar on the "1", must have succeeded the movements with a 5-digit serial number, and preceded similar movements with a 4-digit serial number and new style font featuring a much shorter diagonal bar on the numeral 1.

And so, to be clear, the important component of this watch is the movement, not the watch as a whole, as questions remain whether the dial dates back as early as the movement. I have my doubts, but the back side of the dial does have the white film on it, and that can't be ignored either.

Soviet-era bracelet

Another cool feature of this watch is the original Soviet-era bracelet - which is actually of very decent quality!


What a beautiful glow!