Poljot Sturmanskie

Early Sturmanskie

Another old military-issued Sturmanskie in excellent condition, but now with the more familiar minute number font printed on what was to be the most common version of the Sturmanskie dial. The silver Sturmanskie dial was produce for a ful decade between 1976-1986, and is seemingly the most common of the original chronograph dials. All early Poljot cal. 3133 dials had a thin white/cream coating on the back side.

This chronograph also features a stainless steel casing and a dark-blue and yellow bezel ring. The bracelet is a non-Russian ORIS.

Early production calibre 3133 movement

Almost identical to the previously displayed movements, but with the subtraction of the Poljot crown stamp on the chrono-bridge, and yet another mirroring of the serial number. To date, in regards to all those movements produced between the 5-didget serial number and small Poljot crown on the main-plate, it is still unclear as to which movements preceeded/followed the other. You would think the removal of the Poljot crown stamp on the bridge would be permanent. However, because there is now three known crown/factory stamps, there may well have been a period in between the second and third where no factory stamp was applied. To further support that theory, I have seen a few movements with a factory stamp placed on the main-plate(smaller version) and the chrono-bridge.

Soviet fighter pilot