Poljot Civil

Early civilian-style

An "as-new" early Cyrillic dial presumably produced for the domestic market. It's hard to place an exact date on this watch, but I believe it would be safe to say that it pre-dates 1982 because a chronograph identical to this one appears on the front cover of the 1982 catalogue. My best guess based on the original movement would be ca. 1979. And although it has been stated that Poljot cal. 3133 chronographs were not available to the public before 1983, I find this difficult to believe because Poljot cal. 3017 production stopped in 1978, and therefore no chronographs would have been produced between 1978-1983 - even though the original movement produced in 1976 was worthy of military-service.

The Cyrillic dial is somewhat rare, as is the red and blue bezel with the white luminance. This chronograph also features a stainless steel casing.

Early production calibre 3133 movement

Besides the fact that it was purchased in very good condintion, and with all it's original parts intact, this movement is almost identical to the previously displayed movement but with a 180 degree mirroring of the serial number. Presumably, both movements belong to a distinct production batch made months, or possibly even a year or two, apart.