Poljot Sturmanskie

Early Sturmanskie with unique dial

Unlike the Okean, the Sturmanskie chronograph survived, in some form or another, from it's mid-70s inception to the eventual end of cal. 3133 production in 2011. The Sturmanskie was initially a military-only chronograph issued to Soviet Air Force officers and students graduating from flight school. Sturmanskie brand chronographs were eventually made available to the public beginning around 1990, and subsequently appeared in Poljot catalogues through 2004.

This particular Sturmanskie dial is very rare with unique minute number font similar to that found on the early civilian-style chronograph's telemeter scale. Compare the number font on this dial with the font on other early-Sturmanskie dials in this section.

Other features include a flawless stainless steel casing, rare mauve-coloured rotating bezel, old-style rounded-edged crystal, and Soviet-made bracelet.

Early production calibre 3133 movement

This particular movement has been fully restored to it's original condition using parts from other early cal. 3133 movements.

The Poljot crown on the chronograph-bridge is the second version of the (cal. 3133) factory stamp, with a longer stem at top center. The serial number continues to have 5-digits, however the original numbers have now been replaced with another set with a different style of font .

Also note that the bolted chrono-brake lid has now been replaced with a single bolt.

Sturmanskie case back

The Sturmanskie (Navigator's) case back. The Sturmanskie case back design remained unchanged from very first pieces in the the mid-seventies through to the demise of Poljot in 2005.

The oldest known Sturmanskie

This Sturmanskie chronograph belongs to the collection of Marc Delcorps in Belgium. The movement is identical to my previous pictured Okean movement but with a lower serial number and initial/older-style pallet fork bridge.