Gothic-style Poljot

Late-model ca. 2004?

This is a unique late-model Poljot chronograph that to this day I have only seen one of. It most resembles the Gothic-style from the 2002 catalogue, but I have no idea if if was actually part of a late-addition to that series, or not.

Judging by the numerous images I have gathered from Russian online retailers over the years, there were actually quite a few late-model cal. 3133 Pojlot/1MWF chronograph designs produced, and sold, in Russia that were never exported in great numbers.

The particular watch is in not bad condition, but because of some dings in the case and case back, I consider it a collectors' item only because of it's rarity. I could repair the case, but the case back is stamped and etched and therefore irreparable. It would be nice, however, to own one of these pieces in new condition - with cool features such as an oversized date window, rotating inner bezel, Pojot crown logo stamped on the crown, and overall unique dial design with Poljot crown logo at 12 o'clock.

Stamped and etched case back

Number 44/500, and I doubt that 500 were ever made.

Similar Sekondas

I came across these images a few months after creating this page. One of them depicts an almost identical Sekonda branded watch with the same stainless steel case. My current theory is that these pieces are more likely to have been produced post-2004, but currently I have no definitive proof one way or the other therefore I'll leave them in this section.

Other similar pieces

Other examples of similar late-model Poljots that never appeared in any catalogue known to me. You will likely never come across the one on the left, whereas the one on the right, in various forms, appears now and again for sale/auction on eBay.