Sturmanskie "Military"

ca. 2003 reissue of the classics

One of four early Volmax Sturmankskie/Ocean chronographs remodelled with a new stainless steel case and hand set. The other three models in the series were: "OKEAH" - classic blue mask dial; "Sturmanskie" - classic grey dial, and "Alpha" - all black dial.

This series was produced for Volmax until they switched to a larger case in 2006. Thereafter, the MakTime company continued production of the popular Okean and Sturmaskie models through the late-2000s. Other models, such as a classic '80s Poljot civil and '92 "Kapitan" replicas, were also produced during the late-2000s and sold through Juri Levenberg's online shop.

The now somewhat rare Okean model is especially sought after as dealer inventories have completely dried-up.

Some late-model Stumanskies sold by Julian Kampmann were fitted with the rare cal. 31569. In fact, I just took a look on his website and noticed one of these "extremely rare - last pieces" available for the low, low price of 495euros (July 1st, 2013).

New stamped case back
One of the last
MiG 31