Poljot Luftwaffe

Replica Junghans J88 Air Force chronograph

Although this Junghans replica chronograph first appeared in the 1998 Poljot catalogue, the model you see here is the later version with different seconds and chrono-minute hands produced post-2002. The original hands had a small tail on the bottom, whereas this model does not. Both types of small hands were also used on the Junghans chronographs, therefore either work as far as a replica watch is concerned, and because I was able to purchase this Poljot era model new, I decided to go with the late-model.

Identical post Poljot-era versions were also produced as well as similar renditions by Volmax.

Btw, the strap is from Stowa.

1st Moscow Watch Factory chronograph assembly

The exact watch you see featured here.

Luftwaffe Tornado