Poljot 1MWF Kirov

1MWF dial revisted

A modern version of the old Tutima-style chronographs with Urofa 59 movements that were produced at the 1st Moscow Watch Factory Kirov beginning in 1947. This fluted or coin-edged bezel design was first adopted in the early 1990s for the first Buran branded chronoraphs, but always with plated cases. The "Buran" collection of 2002, which includes this watch, featured an upgrade to an all stainless steel design.

A variety of other Kirov chronoraphs similar to this one have been produced in Moscow begining in the mid-nineties. Early models are rip-offs of the original Tutima and Hanhart classics, while the majority of the late-2000s models are 1MWF Kirov with larger casings and no date window a "6". The main distributor of these watches is the eBay "RUSCAMERA STORE".

Stamped case back w/early diamond factory stamp