Poljot International Buran

Space Craft series

Poljot International was always a step above Poljot's regular line of chronographs as far as quality is concerned, but at the turn-of-the-century they were also a step ahead in releasing the first space-themed chronographs of the new century with the "Gagarin-2000" and the "Space Craft" series. This particular chronograph is another in the series, but with the old Buran-style dial and cathedral hands; previously this dial was also fitted to a late-nineties model with titanium casing and retro hand set.

By all accounts, Poljot international, headed by Alexander Shorokhov, was at this point in time a very successful and well established company.

Some of the components used to produce Poljot International chronographs were produced outside of Russia, however, it is also true that watches assembled in Moscow were also using foreign components. Therefore, with a Russian movement at the heart of the watch, it is my opinion that Poljot International chronographs are no less Russian than many of the other pieces assembled in Moscow. Furthermore, I am convinced that the Basilika case is produced at the Poljot Factory in Moscow, and as we know, Poljot International utilizes this case for a number of it's models.

The question I wonder about is which Poljot International chronographs were completely produced in Moscow? The Basilika models, as well as some of the more basic designs, may well have been produced solely in Moscow.

Poljot-era movement

This movementt features the "MADE IN RUSSIAN" stamp as well as the factory crown on the main plate.

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