Poljot Basilika

All Russian chronograph

The timeless Basilika case was first produced in 1993 and subsequently adopted for the first model of the new brand "Poljot International" in 1994. P.I. would continue to utilize the case for many years to come in some very notable i chronographs such as the "Gorbachev".

Besides Poljot International, the case has been adopted for use by many other brands such as Poljot, Volmax Buran, Poljot-Chronos "President", Poljot Trade and others.

The case has been produced with many variations of base materials and coatings, such as solid or plated Gold, solid or plated Silver, and Stainless Steel etc.. It is also native to Poljot, being milled, and possibly plated, at the factory in Moscow. Couple that with a built in Moscow cal. 3133 and you have a true Russian chronograph!

Basilika alarm variant

Both watches were produced ca. 1998 and appear in the same catalogue.

The first

Before Poljot International adopted the Basilika case, it appeared in the 1993 catalogue paired with a experimental cal. 3133 based chronograph with weekday complication.


Solid gold case with embedded jewels and decorated movement.