Poljot Crown

The crown jewel of late-nineties Poljot chronographs

With the crown logo proudly displayed at 12 o'clock high, this particular model was certainly the signature piece for all late-nineties Poljot branded chronographs.

Recognize the dial? It's another variation of the previous P.I. "Nicholas II" dial. In fact, there were more than a few variations of this dial produced for Poljot during the late-nineties.

Most of the late-nineties Poljot branded chronographs are very classy in design, with no gaudy combinations of blue, red or purple dials paired with gilded cases.

As a collector, I'm glad there was this contrast in overall design sandwiched in between the early/mid-nineties and early-2000s. At the turn of the century, the creation of a new company working under the Poljot umbrella, Volmax, would oversee the design of all new chronograph collections destined for export.

Beautifully detailed casing

It's difficult to display all of the details of this casing with just one or two images. Here you can see the brushed section of the casing a little better.

Screwed case back

By the late-nineties, Poljot chornographs with screwed case backs were becoming quite rare.