Poljot Sturmanskie

Sturmanskie cal. 31659 - Q1-1987

I had purchased this chronograph without seeing the movement and was pleasantly surprised to find a cal. 31659 under the hood. Unfortunately, it was an incomplete cal. 31659 that was missing the appropriate setting and stop levers. By chance, a few weeks later, I was able to purchase a well-worn and defective cal. 31659 as a parts donor that enabled the complete restoration of the watch.

Being that the watch dates to Q1-1987, I'm assuming there was an error during assembly that prompted a dial other than the standard Sturmanskie dial to be fitted. However, there's no point in speculating on that point because it could have been the result of any numbers of happenings. All that really matters is that another older cal. 31659 mechanism has been restored.

The cool retro-looking watch strap, by Hadley Roma, was purchase specifically for this watch.

Typical Sturmanskie case back

Just for the record, after restoration I though it appropriate to replace the plain case back with my only spare "Sturmanskie" case back. After all, it is a cal. 31659.... ;-)

Early Poljot cal. 31659

The restored mechanism w/Q1-87 stamped on the balance bridge.