Poljot Sturmanskie

New model Sturmanskie - ca. 1987

Introduced in 1986, the new model Sturmanskie chronograph was fitted with a new calibre "31659" movement that featured an additional stop-function. The new stop-function stops all motion within the watch, regardless of whether or not the chronograph is running, by jamming the balance wheel.

Other features of the new design included a wider non-rotating bezel that overlapped the dial, a new grey-on-grey dial design with colourful aviator emblem; new black stripe indices; plus new hour/minute, and chrono-seconds hands. All of the new components were designed concurrently and the new chronograph appeared as such when released without a transition period.

The only part replaced on this chronograph while produced with this dial was the two-piece reset hammer ca.1986; however, the vast majority were produced with the one-piece hammer.

New calibre 31659 movement

What a beauty... an "as new" cal. 31659 ca. 1986. After ten years in production, the old-style date wheel will remain for approximately one more year.