Poljot "Navy" Komandirskie

Early version

This rare piece is the most famous of all the chronographs made for the Italian market during the perestroika years. It is highly sought-after outside of Italy and a real treasure to own, especially in NOS condition. There is also an Air Force version of this chronograph.

Poljot watches were distributed in Italy by the Italian company Mirabilia, however these Poljot "Komandirskie" chronographs were labeled as, and distributed as, Vostoks by/for the Time Trend company. The cost to purchase one of these chronographs back in the day was approximatelly $185.00(US).

Most of the Soviet themed chronographs arrived in Italy in late-1989, sometime after the initial wave of standards.

Late-1980s calibre 3133 movement

A beautiful nos late-80s production movement.

The "Boctok USSR" stamp was no doubt added for legal purposes in order to identify these chronographs as Vostok (dist. by Time Trend) rather than Poljot (dist. by Mirabilia).

By this time in the history of the cal. 3133, production had increased to the point that an extra digit was added to the serial number.

Komandirskie chrono case back

The Komandirskie (Commander) case back. Unlike future models, this early variant of the Komandirskie case featured an engraved, not stamped, case back lid.

Flashy tags accompanied the watches distributed by Time Trend and Mirabilia to help protect them from illegal non-authorized sales of Soviet made watches in the country.