Swiss made TIME "CCCP" w/Poljot cal. 3133 chronograph

This is a TIME chronograph made in Switzerland for the Italian market during the years of the "perestroika" or "restructuring" movement led by Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. "Gorby fever" was sweeping the western world and Soviet made time pieces were trending in Italy more so than any other country--even Germany!

Judging by the age of the movements found inside these chronographs, it is possible that the TIME branded chronographs arrived in Italy prior to all other Soviet themed (Poljot cal. 3133) chronographs. Although, I believe there were other cal. 3133 chronographs assembled in Switzerland and sold outside of the Soviet Union, but without the trendy Red Star/CCCP themes and fancy packaging, that could account for a utilization of older stock movements in the initial batches. I have noticed a wide range in the age of the movements for these chronographs dating from ca.1986 right up to the early-1990s.

Late-1980s calibre 3133 movement

"As new" ca. 1988 cal. 3133 movement.

Time "CCCP" chrono case back

The case back reads: "Original mechanical movement produced in Russia. Watch assembled in Switzerland."