Poljot Sturmanskie

Civil-style Sturmanskie

For all Poljot watches, a new serif font was introduced ca. 1980 to replace the old san-serif font. However, judging by movement/dial combinations that I have witnessed, it seems as though the old-style civilian dials were continually used, albiet in small numbers, during the mid-1980s and even appear in the Poljot 1992 catalogue; although it's doubtful that they were still available at that time.

This particular chronograph is a hybrid model with the combination civilian dial, stainless steel case, and Sturmanskie case back, and is one of a handful that I have seen in the past. You can tell by the "US SR" seperated by the telemeter number "10" at the 6 o'clock position that this is the initial version of the dial, while later versions removed the number "10" in the telemeter scale to accomadate the joining of the letters.

The strap is an old, and quite comfortable, Hirsch.

Early 1980s production cal. 3133 movement

Almost identical to the previously displayed movement, but with the addition of a few golden-coloured chronograph wheels. I believe this movement to be original therefore it would have been produced during the transition period between silver and gold coloured chrono wheels in the early 1980s.

Sturmanskie case back
Soviet cosmonaut