Poljot OKEAH

Second version

At some point in the early-1980s, the Okeah dial was updated with minor changes to the font used to print the name "OKEAH". It's difficult to tell when exactly the change took place as many of the older dials have since be replaced with the updated version, and thus confusing the situation because newer dials are fitted to older movements. Combine that with replacement movements used on older Okean dials - once the chronographs became more desirable as collectors' pieces - and it then becomes impossible to date based on the age of the movement.

As with many original OKEAH chronoraph dials you will find moisture damage around the circumference of the dial, as well as on the luminance. Because of their overall good condition, I would imagine that the hour and minute hands have been replaced at some point.

For whatever reason, Poljot OKEAH production ceased sometime in the late-1980s. It would have been great to have an OKEAH update coincide with the (ca. 1986) Sturmanskie update... but it never happened. The next production of the OKEAH would have to wait until after the turn of the century.

Early 1980s calibre 3133 movement

Again, with all the handiwork done to these chronographs over the years, it's difficult to acertain whether or not the movement actually had parts replaced, or was produced during the transition period to the golden-coloured chronograph wheels. The chronograph-seconds hand is gold-coloured, but it may well have been replaced at some point.

Okean case back