Poljot Civil

Early civilian-style ca. 1983

Another all original early-1980s piece in very good overall condition. This is perhaps from one of the later batches produced with the Cyrillic sans-serif dial - just prior to the release of the new dial with Cyrillic-serif font and "US 10 SR" printed at the bottom of the dial.

This chronograph features a chromium-plated casing with a decorated steel case back.

Early-1980s production calibre 3133 movement

The "2221". Too bad I missed "2222"!

Outside of a single production batch of cal. 3133 movements, I still don't put any credence in serial numbers being of value in determining the age of the movement. I do however see a pattern of batches produced with serial numbers that are within a range of one thousand. For instance, there seems to be a batch of earlier movements produced with serial numbers in the 7000-7999 range (see previous Civil sans serif in the 1976-1980 section), and in this batch I have evidence of two movements with the exact same serial number! Furthermore, you may never see a chronograph bridge with the identical stampings/font etc. in a lower or higher range of one thousand (e.g. 6000-6999; 8000-8999). Therefore, I think identifying the different batches, based on stamp diversity and serial number ranges, is the better way to chronicle movement production.